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Title 1 School Compact

Title 1 School Compact

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Title I Parent – School Compact

Education Takes Everyone


These promises are voluntary commitments made by individuals to themselves and to others.


As a student

I promise to …

- attend school regularly

- work hard to do my best

- help keep my school safe

- complete and return my homework

- ask for help when I need it

- respect and cooperate with other students and adults

- set high academic goals and strive to achieve them


As a parent/caring adult

I promise to …

- have high expectations for my child as an individual

- help my child attend school and be on time

- stay aware of what my child is learning

- help my child learn to resolve conflicts in positive ways

- communicate and work with teachers and school staff to support and challenge my child

- support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline

- respect school staff and the cultural differences of others

- find a quiet place for schoolwork and make sure work is done

- read with my child and let my child see me read

As a staff member

I promise to…

- show that I care about all students

- have high expectations for myself, students and other staff members

- provide a safe environment for learning

- provide challenging and meaningful instruction

- communicate and assist families to support students’ learning

- encourage caring adults to be active within the school

- support special programs- respect the cultural differences of students and their families

As a student

I need …

- teachers and school staff who care about me –

 people who believe I can learn

- schools that are safe

- clear and frequent communication with school staff

- respect for my culture and me as an individual

- a family and community that supports me

- time with caring adults at home




Student’s Signature                         School Year

As a parent/caring adult

I need …

- teachers and support staff who respect my individual role as a parent/caring adult

- clear and frequent communication with school staff

- respect for my culture, me, and my children as individuals

- a community that supports families




Parent/Caring Adult’s Signature       School Year


As a staff member

I need …

- students who are ready and willing to learn

- respect and support from students, families, and other staff

- assistance in removing barriers which prevent me

 from doing my best for students

- caring adults to spend time volunteering in the school


- respect and support from the community




Teacher’s Signature                        School Year




Principal’s Signature                      School Year