Migrant Program

Last Updated: 1/24/2019 4:50 PM


Migrant Program

The Pulaski County Migrant Program is designed to assist families with the unique circumstances that result from frequent moves related to temporary or seasonal work in farming. Children of these families face many obstacles when having to change schools that may include interrupted schooling, gaps in instruction, and troubles making new friends. Additionally, migrant families may struggle financially between jobs and have difficulty providing their children with the necessary school supplies, clothing, and health services. The Migrant Program in Pulaski County can assist families in meeting these needs.

Migrant advocates assist transitioning families in many ways. Academic needs are met by providing one-on-one tutoring for students who are below grade level in reading and math, monitoring school attendance and grades, and maintaining close communication with the families and schools as needed. Advocates can also assist families with medical, dental and vision care through direct services and referral to the appropriate community agency. Counseling and mental health services can be secured for children having difficulty coping with their changing environment. The Migrant Program advocates will also assist older children and adults with training and adult education services.

The Pulaski County Migrant office is located on Highway 27, light #22, next to the Pulaski County Area Technology Center, behind the Hardees' restaurant. You may call the Migrant Resource Center at 451-1475 for additional information or to refer a family.


Braun, Mike
Business:  (606)679-1123
Email: mike.braun@pulaski.kyschools.us
Address:  P.O. Box 1055, Somerset, KY 42502
Mr. Braun is the Director of Districtwide Programs for the Pulaski County School district.

Smith, Samantha  
Business:  (606) 451-1475  
Address:  3865 S Hwy 27 Suite 102, Somerset, KY 42501
Mrs. Smith is the Migrant Advocate Recruiter for Pulaski County.

Purcell, Tina
Business:  (606) 451-1475  
Address:  3865 S. Hwy 27 Suite 102, Somerset, KY 42501  
Mrs. Purcell is the Migrant Recruiter for Pulaski County.